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Identify and correct data discrepancies using monthly reports

Identify and correct data discrepancies using monthly reports

Transplant center staff can access monthly reports from the Data Services Portal in UNet. These comprehensive and easy to use reports allow you to identify potential data entry discrepancies and are available for kidney, liver, heart and lung programs. This resource also allows you to zero in on those data elements used as risk adjusters in the program-specific reports (PSRs) created by SRTR. This report is only the first of many that will be available to help your center more easily maintain the quality of your data.

Where do you find them
After logging onto UNet, select Resources>Data Services Portal>My Data Files. If you don’t have access, contact your UNet site administrator.

Need training?
If you’re not sure how to effectively use all of the tools available in the Data Services Portal, we have an entire learning series on UNOS Connect that explains how each one works. Once you have accessed UNOS Connect, choose Learning Series from the main menu, then select Data Services Portal. Available only to registered UNet users, these instructional videos will show you how to securely access, view and download multiple types of data reports related to your institution or the U.S. overall.

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