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Fee Now Required for Select Data Requests

Fee Now Required for Select Data Requests

OPTN members are now required to pay a fee for select data requests and specifically customized STAR files. This fee structure became effective July 1.

“We often receive requests from members to analyze OPTN data for them or provide them with a data file that they can analyze themselves.  In the past, we have provided those services to OPTN members without charge,” said Maureen McBride, director of the UNOS research department. “But we have limited resources and our internal audits showed us that some data requests and  all customized research files require many hours for our programmers to complete. By charging a fee to those few members who request the staff-intensive customized analyses or research files, we will be able to supplement our OPTN contract budget and free up funds for other important OPTN activities. Plus the majority of data requests are still free, which include all requests that don’t require custom programming.”

To clarify, UNOS will not be charging members for any requests involving their own data that they have already submitted to the OPTN through UNet. Additionally, members receive a 50% discount compared to the fee charged to non-members for customized data requests.

See table of fee structure for all data requests.

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