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Enhancements to the UNet data services portal are now live

Enhancements to the UNet data services portal are now live


  • All UNetSM data services portal users
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from it

Implementation date

Nov. 12


The UNet data services portal is used to distribute data, reports, and interactive data tools to members. The portal is updated periodically in order to make it easier for members to access data.

At-a-glance statement

Many sections of the UNet data services portal have enhancements, including:

  • On the overview page, there are announcements to keep you updated on enhancements to existing new tools and reports as well as their implementation date
  • The overview visualizations will now be refreshed weekly instead of monthly, and are revised with clearer tool tips and titles
  • A new data request section has been added for secure delivery of recurring data requests through the portal
  • A new data quality section has been added to keep all reports related to data quality in a single location. The data lock preview reports are now located in this section
  • In the custom report builder, data source descriptions and a data “as of” date will appear once the data sources are selected
  • In the custom report builder, your output file is now in .csv format for easier use with Excel


To submit feedback on the data portal, any of the data portal tools, or to submit ideas for new tools, please email [email protected]


If you have questions about the changes, please email [email protected]


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