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DonorNet® Mobile upgraded for OPO users

DonorNet® Mobile upgraded for OPO users

DonorNet® Mobile 2.0 is now available. OPO staff can use this web-based application to view donor details and highlights, perform secondary verification of ABO, and upload file attachments directly to DonorNet.

Staff from several OPOs have been using the initial phase 1 app. The updated version enhances the user experience in a few different ways:

  • Users will find it easier to locate donor case information, including a filter function to search more efficiently through active cases.
  • Users can now provide ABO subtype verification within the application.
  • More detailed donor information will be immediately visible, allowing the users to see critical information without needing to scroll as much.

Behind the scenes, the new version is designed to build in future capabilities more quickly. It allows new functions to be added as APIs (application process interfaces) – programming code that allows different software programs to communicate with each other.

Accessing the app and technical specifications
To access the new application on or after March 8, use the latest version of Safari or Google Chrome to visit You can add it as a shortcut to your device by opening your browser menu and selecting “Add to home screen. You will be able to access DonorNet on your iPhone or iPad using iOS 10.3 or later, or on your Android phone or tablet using version 5 or later. Also, please keep in mind we will not support operating systems earlier than iOS 10.3 or Android versions earlier than 5.

Training available beginning Feb. 28
Training resources are available in the “System” category in UNOS Connect. These include a recorded PowerPoint presentation with an imbedded demonstration video, as well as instructions for adding the DonorNet Mobile shortcut to your device’s home screen.

For further information
Contact the UNOS Regional Administrators at 804-782-4800 for direct questions about policy requirements.

For questions about educational or training events, contact the UNOS Professional Education department at [email protected].

For technical assistance, contact the UNet Help Desk at 800-978-4334.

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