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Discussion continues on funding, prioritization for IT initiatives

Discussion continues on funding, prioritization for IT initiatives

UNOS’ Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) will meet by teleconference Monday, Feb. 18.  As previously reported, the committee has been studying UNOS’ IT capabilities and needs to ensure UNOS has the resources necessary to make mission-critical upgrades to the OPTN computer system. 

Based on its initial assessment, the ITAC has concluded that UNOS will need significant additional resources to support the OPTN’s technology needs on an ongoing basis.  These needs include system security, updated programming infrastructure, adequate capital equipment, periodic transformational change to all system components (such as UNetSM, DonorNet® and Tiedi®), and implementation of previously approved policies and bylaws.  See December ITAC article in Transplant Pro.

The ITAC is expected to bring specific recommendations for Board consideration within the next few months.  We will keep members informed through Transplant Pro and the monthly e-newsletter.

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