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3-panel Pediatric neuroscience ruler recently updated

3-panel Pediatric neuroscience ruler recently updated

This original resource developed by the OPTN/UNOS Pediatric Advisory Council in 2007 is designed to assist hospital staff through the declaration of brain death and the referral process. The three-panel card contains information such as the pediatric Glasgow coma scale, pediatric brain death criteria, pediatric apnea testing, body surface growth nomogram, and referral criteria.

This newly revised version contains updates based on the revisions of the 1987 pediatric brain death guidelines (published in 2011), and includes the most recently used Glasgow coma scale and referral criteria by OPOs.

Customized versions of this neuroscience ruler are available twice a year. Contact Marian Crow at [email protected] if you are interested in ordering neuroscience rulers with your customized contact information.

You may find this resource and others in the professional’s section of the UNOS online store.


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