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Anthony Ponsiglione

Tony Ponsiglione

Director, Human Resources

As director of human resources, Anthony J. Ponsiglione II is responsible for creating an environment in which the people who have invested their talents and gifts in UNOS are valued and supported to reach their potential as they work to support UNOS’ mission. He also works to align HR strategy and day-to-day activities with UNOS’ mission and strategic goals. He oversees recruitment and selection, effective on-boarding and engagement programs, and—with a view toward retaining UNOS talent critical in meeting the needs of the transplant community—ensuring that UNOS has in place robust staff and leadership development opportunities.

Previously, he was a senior vice president of human resources at Genworth Financial Services in Richmond, Va., serving in a number of roles at corporate headquarters and in the life and long-term care division.

Ponsiglione graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and earned a master’s degree in human resources and organizational development at the University of San Francisco.

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