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UNet system account updates and reminders

UNet system account updates and reminders

Update: UNet users will be logged out after 90 minutes of inactivity
UNOS is continuously committed to making our UNet application more secure. Related to this, you should be aware of a new security enhancement, effective today. If you are logged onto UNet and have been inactive for 90 minutes, you will be automatically logged off, your session will expire, and you will lose unsaved data.

What constitutes being active?

  • Scrolling on the page or clicking on drop down menus does not constitute activity.
  • Within a 90-minute period, you must either click on links, save or submit data, refresh the page or click to view another page.
  • If you are entering data, you must use the Save button frequently.
  • If you have view-only rights, you must keep your session alive by clicking on links or refreshing the page.


Reminders: Working in UNet

  • Save your work frequently, so you don’t lose changes.
  • When you have completed tasks in Secure Enterprise, save your work and close the session.
  • Read all notices about system maintenance and plan accordingly.
  • Consult help documentation for detailed information about UNOS applications.
  • Use your UNet username and password to access UNOS Connect, the learning management system for transplant professionals, so you can access system training recordings.
  • Learn about upcoming UNet system changes on the UNOS Transplant Pro website:

If you have questions or need assistance with your account, please contact the UNOS Security Administrator at your organization, or UNOS Customer Service (UNet help desk) at 800-978-4334 or [email protected].

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