New members named to UNOS Corporate Affairs, Finance Committees

In February 2012, UNOS established three corporate committees (Corporate Affairs, Finance and Information Technology Advisory) to assist the UNOS Board of Directors in corporate aspects of governance.  New members have recently assumed or been elected to open positions on UNOS’ Corporate Affairs and Finance Committees for the 2013-2014 term. 

Four permanent members of the Corporate Affairs Committee (CAC) are officers of the UNOS Board of Directors.  Two of these officers are beginning their Board terms and thus were appointed to the CAC: Carl Berg, M.D., Vice-President/President-Elect, and Laura Murdock-Stillion, M.H.A., FACHE, Treasurer.  The CAC also includes three at-large members drawn from the UNOS Board of Directors.  The Board elected Lori Brigham, M.B.A., to replace the outgoing Susan Dunn, RN, B.S.N., M.B.A.

In addition, as the UNOS Treasurer is a permanent appointee to the UNOS Finance Committee, Ms. Murdock-Stillion assumed this role upon beginning her term.  Four other Board members serve as at-large members of the committee.  The Board elected Edward Zavala, M.B.A., to replace the outgoing Tim Brown, M.B.A.

There were no vacancies for 2013-2014 for UNOS’ other corporate committee, the Information Technology Advisory Committee.

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