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Transplant administrators: 2020 staffing survey still open, results will be available in fall of 2021

Transplant administrators: 2020 staffing survey still open, results will be available in fall of 2021

The UNOS 2020 staffing survey is still available in the Transplant Administrator section of UNetSM.

The deadline to submit data is Dec. 31, 2021. Due to the extended submission date, results will not be available until the Fall 2021.

Since 2003, transplant administrators have used the annual staffing survey to get a look at comparative data to assist their planning and hiring strategies. As a collaboration between the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network Transplant Administrators Committee and UNOS research and IT staff, the survey allows transplant administrators to access a consistent dataset. To view summary and comparison data from other programs, administrators must first share their own data–the more transplant programs of varying size from across the country that submit data, the richer the dataset, and the more meaningful the analysis.

What kind of data does the survey collect?

Users can contribute program-specific demographic information, including the number of patient referrals and clinic visits. The survey also collects personnel information like the number of full-time clinical coordinators and other staff positions, and the ratio of full-time employees to the number of transplants.

Who can submit this data?

All transplant administrators are able to complete the survey for their respective transplant programs.

  • After contributing this information, administrators can view and analyze their own data, and can aggregate data of similar-sized programs, not only in their region but across the country.
  • To access the survey, click the Transplant Administrators icon in UNet.
  • Select “Staffing Survey,” and then “Create New Survey.”

How to prepare

Before you begin the survey, you will want to have the following numbers for 2020 available:

  • Referrals to program
  • Pre-transplant clinic visits
  • Pre-transplant evaluations
  • Post-transplant clinic visits
  • Living donor evaluations
  • Total number of patients followed pre- and post-transplant
  • Ventricular assist devices (VADs) implanted, if applicable
  • VAD post-implant visits
  • VADs your program is maintaining

As in prior years, only programs that complete surveys for their organ-specific programs will have access to the summary and comparison data. The intent of this restriction is to maximize participation, since the value of the survey is greatly enhanced when more transplant programs participate.


Please contact UNOS Customer Service with technical questions at 1-800-978-4334 or [email protected].

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