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This special tribute made in honor of:

Joseph Andrew Armstead

2010 -


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Joseph Andrew Armstead

Joseph Andrew Armstead was born into this world on a beautiful April day in 2001. He was the easiest of babies and always enjoyed a snuggle. He was an instant hit with his big brother, Tripp. They were only 16 months apart and time would prove them inseparable. Whether they were running in the yard, chasing fireflies, or laughing and giggling at bedtime, they had a truly unique bond. Joseph loved being with family and friends. When Joe was 8, his great aunt passed away. It was at that time that both Joe and Tripp said, “If anything ever happens to me, they can take everything but my eyes. I need to see what is going on up there.” Little did we know that just 8 months later, Joe would become an organ donor. He donated his kidneys, pancreas and liver saving many lives. Joseph was an amazing boy with a generous heart and is loved by all who miss him. His perpetual spunk and mischief are so easily remembered no matter how much time passes. He loved living in the moment, playing in the waves at the beach, watching football with his Dad and brother. He loved candy and basketball and was known to say that gym and recess were his two favorite classes at school. Everyone who knew him, loved him. His smile could light up a room and his arm pit and knee farts were a special talent that few fellow 3rd graders could master. His sweet, kind soul is everything that is right and good in this world and his tremendous generosity of organ donation reflects his beautiful heart. Everyday we are thankful that he is ours and that in just 8 and 1/2 years, he lived a life filled with adventure, kindness, and love. So much love. Our boy left a lasting legacy because he lived so fully in his time here and in his decision to donate life. We are so very proud of him! We love you forever Joe, Mom, Dad and Trippie.

Submitted on behalf of: Kristina E Armstead (Mom)

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