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Frequently asked questions about regions

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Do I have to register in advance for my regional meeting?
While registering in advance is strongly recommended, you may still register onsite.   However, advance registration helps us ensure we have enough meeting materials, seating, and food. You can register in advance on UNOS.
How do I exhibit at a regional meeting, educational forum, or collaborative?
Industry representatives may participate in regional meetings, forums, and collaboratives as exhibitors on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact your UNOS regional administrator to learn more about exhibitor opportunities and fees and to be included in our exhibitor database.
Can industry representatives attend regional meetings?

Yes, you may attend any regional meeting at the industry supporter rate of $150. Industry representatives are encouraged to register online in advance and should choose the industry supporter category.

Can anyone come to a regional meeting?

Regional meetings are open to the public. We encourage members of the transplant community and the general public to participate and give us feedback on policy proposals. UNOS members and general public members can attend at no cost due to the primary focus on OPTN business. There is a $150.00 fee for industry representatives of for-profit companies (pharmaceutical companies, biotech, healthcare related consulting services and business services, etc.).

How does inclement weather affect a regional meeting or forum?

It is extremely rare for a regional meeting to be cancelled. Because meetings must occur during the public comment period, they cannot be rescheduled. However, contingency plans are in place to ensure attendees can participate during severe weather events. If a regional administrator makes any changes to a regional meeting, the region will be notified by email.

How do I find out when regional meetings and forums/collaboratives take place?
Regional meeting schedules and meeting materials are available on UNOS. Visit the Regions page to learn more about in-person regional meetings, schedules, and meeting materials.
How do I get my name added to the mailing list for regional events?
Contact the regional administrator for your region to receive information about UNOS regional events. You can find contact information and a regional map on UNOS.
How do I make a change to key personnel or program status change at my OPO or transplant hospital?
Find information and resources on the how to apply page.
How do I find data?

Links to national, regional, state and center data are located on UNOS in the data section. You can also access data on the OPTN website. You can also find data reporting/modification request forms.

“I think it is important to be engaged in the process of guiding and shaping our transplant system. It is critical for all centers to be active in attending regional meetings and learning from our colleagues.”

Nancy Metzler, Transplant Administrator, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, New York

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