UNOS member sponsors

Special thanks to the following United Network for Organ Sharing member organizations whose sponsorships will help to support UNOS initiatives to:

  • reduce patient waiting time,
  • enhance recipient quality of life,
  • and increase the number of transplants during fiscal year 2021

Member support also honors the gift of life by maintaining the National Donor Memorial and ensures that online patient education materials available on Transplant Living remain free to all.


Spectrum Health logo


Logo for Center for Organ Recovery & Education

Logo for Gift of Life Donor Program

Logo for Houston Medical

Logo for LifeGift
Logo for LifeShare Oklahoma
logo for MidAmerica Transplant
Logo for Mid-South Transplant Foundation
Logo for UPMC

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To support UNOS' privately-funded events, educational resources, and innovation projects, please contact:

Lindsey Jennings,
Senior Philanthropy Officer
Cecile Robinson,
Corporate Giving Officer

UNOS recognizes and maintains a distinct separation between sponsor content and editorial content. All sponsor content on the UNOS site shall be clearly and unambiguously identified as such, and UNOS will not run any advertising on the UNOS site which is not so identified.

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