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Kidney and pancreas allocation are changing.

Thank you for providing input.

Special online exercises were open through March 23 that gave everyone – patients, their caregivers and anyone connected to transplant – the chance to weigh in the policy development process for kidney and pancreas.

Understand what’s changing

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network is creating a more fair and patient-focused system for organ allocation.

Continuous distribution: How will patients benefit?

  • It’s a more fair and flexible system
  • Equity is predicted to increase among potential recipients
  • Patients can provide their feedback earlier in the policy development process


Visit the continuous distribution resources page for important information, including:

Go to resources page

Be sure to watch the animations and video presentations on this page to understand the goals and principles guiding continuous distribution.

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Want to learn more?

Watch a patient webinar: Moving toward kidney and pancreas continuous distribution allocation

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