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This special tribute made in honor of:

Charles Michael Reese

2017 -

North Chesterfield,


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Charles Michael Reese

My husband Mike and I were always listed as organ donors as soon as we could drive. Never really thinking about it. It wasn’t until we came face to face with it with our children. In 1992 we had a miscarriage. As devastated as we were by the loss; we were more so upon learning that we couldn’t donate anything. We ensure that everyone in our family registers to be donors. Fast-forward to 2007 tragedy strikes our family again and we lose are only child (a daughter Clarke Reese). This time donation was possible.

Ten years later I lose my husband Mike. There is no question as to what his wishes are. That’s Our donation story. Now a little about my big man:

Mike had many passions in life. Chief among them were family, friends, comic books, cars, and classic movies. For a big guy, Mike was a gentle giant full of love. Whether you knew him as “Reese”, “Mike”, “Mikey”, or “Charles”, he would always greet you with a pat on the back along with a “How you Doin?”

Submitted on behalf of: Donnetta Quarles-Reese (wife)

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