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Patient safety






COVID-19 update: June 9, 2022

CDC guidance for determining recommended number of COVID-19 vaccine doses and NIH updates vaccine guidance for potential organ donors

OPTN Board approves improvements to medical urgency scoring of liver transplant candidates

The actions will increase the equity of access to liver transplant, and were among a number of additional measures adopted by the board.

Illustration of equity: three people reaching for apples

OPTN Board approves elimination of race-based calculation for transplant candidate listing

The action, to take effect July 27, will ensure that all candidates are consistently assessed in an equitable fashion.

The Lisa Schaffner Community Advocate Award

A lasting legacy: Lisa Schaffner honored posthumously with newly renamed award

The late UNOS director of public communications helped establish an award recognizing advocates in 2010. Now, the same award has been renamed to honor its very first champion.

Icons of two people with lightbulb in between them with words Get involved and Saving lives together

2023-2024 Call for Nominations for OPTN Board of Directors and Committees

Apply by Sept. 30 to be considered for 2023 vacancies.

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Kidney – Pancreas

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Liver – Intestine

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Heart – Lung

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Improving the system together


Martha Pavlakis, M.D.

“… policy is the living, breathing expression of group values.”

Martha Pavlakis, M.D. on new policies that put patients first

Policy changes

Policy monitoring

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Learn about issues impacting patients, donors, donor families, and the national system. Issues and advocacy


From UNOS leaders

From the community

“For us and everyone else in the transplant community, the ultimate form of equity means providing a transplant for every single patient that needs one.”

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The liver allocation policy is a success we need to share: Terry Box, M.D., liver recipient

Box’s op-ed highlights how effective policy development is resulting in sicker patients getting liver transplants faster.

Dr. Vincent Casingal

Driving toward optimal equity: Vincent Casingal, M.D.

Transplant surgeon on the success of the new kidney allocation policy.

Thank you!

Thanking our community, honoring donors

A message from our CEO about a lifesaving milestone

David Klassen, M.D.

Transplant innovations for today and tomorrow: David Klassen, M.D.

UNOS chief medical officer on the innovations making a difference in transplant.

Patient safety

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Transplant hospital

2021 Staffing Survey results now available

Transplant hospitals that have completed the 2021 UNOS Staffing Survey may now access their program’s results, along with comparison statistics for transplant program staffing benchmarks with the 2021 data.

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Public comment was open Jan. 27 – March 23. See what the community had to say

2021 transplants


Total Transplants January - December 2021 as of 01/27/2021

Stories and tributes

Each person touched by organ donation transplant has a unique story. Threads of hope connect them. Find videos, stories and tributes

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