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Now available: Predictive analytics in desktop DonorNet

Now available: Predictive analytics in desktop DonorNet

Implementation date

Feb. 7, 2024


The predictive analytics tool is now available in the desktop version of DonorNet® for adult kidney offers.

The free tool can be found on the match list when evaluating an adult kidney potential recipient by clicking the ‘View Predictive Analytics’ link. It will include several key components:

  • The predicted time until next KDPI < 30 or KDPI < 50 offer for 50% and 90% of patients similar to the one being evaluated
  • A candidate-specific mortality risk associated with waiting for the next offer, dependent on the variables selected

Additional details

The underlying predictive model was updated in December, improving predictive performance such that predictions can now appear for candidates with CPRA above 98.

Time-to-next-offer (TTNO) predictions also now use each transplant hospitals’ historic offer rates as well as candidate and offer characteristics. Additional methodology enhancements help TTNO more accurately reflect real-world offer waiting times, increasing the durations predicted by TTNO for most offers. For more details on the updated methodologies read section 6 of the user documentation in the education module.

These predictions are intended to supplement, not replace, existing data and clinical judgment.

Education and resources

The existing education module has been updated to include information on accessing predictive analytics in desktop DonorNet:

  • SYS180: Predictive Analytics in DonorNet
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