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A decade of record increases in liver transplant

A decade of record increases in liver transplant

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For the first time ever, more than 10,000 liver transplants were performed in a year.

2023 more than 10,000 liver transplants performed
There were 10,660 liver transplants performed in 2023 – the most ever for a single year.

In 2023, the U.S. organ donation and transplant community continued a record-breaking trend that started eleven years ago. 10,660 liver transplants were performed last year, more than ever recorded in a single year, and more than 10,000 for the first time ever.

Eleven years of all-time high numbers of liver transplants wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of organ donors and their families, and the hard work of the countless members of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Network (OPTN). This historic streak also comes in the wake of the OPTN’s work to enact policies such as changes to MELD and PELD calculations to ensure that more people have access to lifesaving transplants.  

More changes to liver allocation are coming soon. The Offer Filters tool is being developed for liver allocation in 2024, and the OPTN liver committee is continuing to develop a policy based on continuous distribution. Read more about continuous distribution here. 

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How do we track policy success?

We look at the data.

Liver transplants* increased by 4.3 percent since policy implementation.

Policy monitoring reports

24-month: *Deceased donor liver-alone transplants

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