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Long-time staff members Judy Martin, John Persons retire from UNOS

UNOS thanks Judy Martin, Assistant Director of the UNOS Organ Center, and John Persons, Esq., UNOS’ General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, for their effective and dedicated service to the organization and the people we serve. Both are retiring after 25 or more years of working for the organization.


Martin joined the Organ Center as an organ placement specialist in 1990 and progressed to become a manager and assistant director, responsible for oversight and scheduling of center operations. She is a familiar presence to many in the transplant community, not only assisting actively in organ placement but in helping train and orient procurement and transplant coordinators throughout the country to the services UNOS provides.
Persons joined UNOS in 1987 as Director of Contracts and Grant Administration before becoming the organization’s corporate counsel in 1995. He has overseen many aspects of UNOS’ development as a corporation, including the bidding for and management of UNOS’ federal contract to serve as the OPTN, the functioning of OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings, and the establishment of UNOS’ headquarters building in 2002.

UNOS Chief Executive Officer Brian Shepard said, “We’ll miss Judy and John, who collectively have devoted more than half a century to aid those who need transplants as well as those who make them happen.”

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