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10 things UNOS is doing to get the right organ to the right patient at the right time


10 things
UNOS is doing to get the right organ to the right patient at the right time

Technology, innovative data tools and collaborative research projects helping to set transplant records.

Kidney recipient Sajel Patel knows what it's like to wait

Offer Filters

This new tool increases kidney utilization and helps surgeons save time finding the right organs for their patients.

Pediatric transplant recipient, Madelyn, holding sign for first day of 2nd grade

UNetSM technology

UNet is the engine that powers the U.S. transplant system. UNet’s integrated platform matches organs to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year.

Casey Humphries, discusses UNOS Labs


This virtual research center is where UNOS scientists collaborate with the community to test ideas to increase the number of transplants.

Airplanes making a heart-shaped path

Predicting organ travel time

This UNOS labs project aims to decrease the nationwide organ discard rate by better predicting the time it takes to move organs between hospitals.

two people talking in office

Organ Utilization Tool

OPOs are increasing their local organ recovery rates by accessing outcomes data that helps them better understand organ acceptance behaviors.

Neelam's business intelligence and data products team uses data to save lives

Customized analytics services

UNOS’ data and business intelligence team offers analytics and tools to help members understand and improve their performance in order to increase transplants.

SimUNet words with binary numbers and green circles with checkmarks for organ offer acceptance


Researchers use this powerful simulation platform to test ways to improve the acceptance process so more patients can receive transplants.

Hands holding a smart phone

Enhanced DonorNet MobileSM

UNOS’ suite of mobile applications accelerate organ offer response times, bringing the power of UNet to members where they need it.

Two people reviewing imaging study on monitor

UNet Image Sharing

This application within DonorNet® is the first national hub for securely sharing high-quality medical imaging studies.

Collaborative improvement

Collaborative improvement

This three-year Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (COIIN) project focused on increasing the use of high-KDPI kidneys.

Living it forward

Stories of hope

Each person touched by organ donation and transplant has a unique story. Read about lives changed
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