Important COVID-19 updates and latest data

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UNOS news, policy changes

Pre-implementation system notice: VCA distribution to be based on fixed distance circle of 500 nautical miles

Effective June 18, vascular composite allograft offers will first be made to compatible transplant candidates listed at VCA programs within a radius of 500 nautical miles of the donor.

UNOS news, system changes

Offer Filters Explorer tool available to kidney transplant programs starting May 20

United Network for Organ Sharing will soon begin piloting phase II of an offer filters project that will allow kidney transplant programs to bypass donor offers they do not want to receive through custom-designed, multi-criteria filters.

COVID Collaborative webinar with Pooja Singh, M.D.

COVID Collaborative kicks off with telemedicine webinar

Thomas Jefferson Hospitals’ Pooja Singh, M.D., on the benefits of sharing resources and learnings.

UNOS news related to COVID-19 and transplantation

New donor data collection test type for COVID-19 testing and results added to DonorNet®

A new test type has been added and an existing test type has been updated in DonorNet® to capture information regarding donor COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) antigen and antibody testing.

AST releases recommendations and guidance for organ donor testing

This guidance reflects the current state of knowledge and involves questions pertaining to screening and testing of living and deceased donors in the COVID era.

UNOS news related to COVID-19 and transplantation

COVID-19 updates: May 15, 2020

Latest news and updates for organ procurement organizations and transplant programs

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