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Board of Directors election 2021

Voting opens Jan. 13, 2021, for Board election/Annual meeting of members

Voting opens Jan. 13, 2021 and the 2021 Annual Meeting of Members will be held Jan. 28, 2021.

UNOS news, system changes

UNOS news, liver

UNOS news, policy changes

NLRB HCC extension automatic approval to take effect Sept. 10

On Sept. 10, an NLRB enhancement will allow automatic system approval of an exception extension request for any candidate meeting standardized criteria for hepatocellular carcinoma.

UNOS news, policy changes

Policy implementation notice: National Liver Review Board enhancements effective August 4

Review these NLRB enhancements, implemented on Aug. 4, to determine any impact on your clinical practice.

Liver recipient Colleen Reed, Ph.D.

Hear from liver recipient Colleen Reed, Ph.D., about why she chooses to volunteer her time with UNOS.

UNOS news, policy changes

System notice: Reactivation of liver candidates to MELD or PELD score without entering new lab values

Effective May 6, 2020, a transplant program reactivating a liver transplant candidate to a MELD or PELD status in Waitlist is no longer required to input updated lab values to support the listing.

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