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UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

Modifications made to kidney and pancreas allocation proposals

OPTN Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Committees make key modifications to proposals to remove DSA and region as distributions units.

UNOS news, pancreas

RUM report tool expanded to include pancreas data

The addition of pancreas data was based on community feedback. UNOS researchers continue to develop new tools to assist members in their work to increase transplants.

UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

Kidney and pancreas allocation proposals modified

The OPTN Kidney Transplantation and Pancreas Transplantation Committees, following consideration of extensive public comment, will advance updated allocation proposals to the OPTN Board of Directors for consideration at its December 3 meeting.

UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

Committees to review kidney and pancreas proposals

Thank you to everyone who submitted public comment on the OPTN Kidney Transplantation and Pancreas Transplantation Committees’ proposals to remove Donation Service Area (DSA) and OPTN Regional boundaries from allocation policies.

UNOS news, kidney

Kidney Accelerated Placement Project for national offers begins July 18

OPTN launches Kidney Accelerated Placement Project July 18, 2019, to increase organ utilization.

UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

Kidney and pancreas committees refine distribution policy options

Each committee and a joint workgroup will continue to refine and discuss options based on circles of either a 250 or 500 nautical mile radius.

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