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NLRB update: MMaT calculation now based on DSA of transplant hospital

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UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

Kidney and pancreas committees refine distribution policy options

Each committee and a joint workgroup will continue to refine and discuss options based on circles of either a 250 or 500 nautical mile radius.

UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

UNOS news, kidney

Annual kidney allocation calculator updates

Reference populations were updated for the kidney donor profile index (KDPI) and estimated post-transplant survival (EPTS) calculators. 

Kidney - pancreas news

KPD Histocompatibility Testing Requirements Checklist

KPD donor hospitals are responsible for all HLA typing for donors. View the updated checklist.

Kidney - pancreas news

New functional inactivity guidelines for pancreas programs

OPTN has updated the definitions of functional inactivity to be more sensitive to concerns related to patient safety.

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