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Why I volunteer: Lisa Matthias

Director of kidney transplant at HCA Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Lisa Matthias

Hear from HCA Henrico Doctors’ Hospital kidney transplant program director Lisa Matthias about why she chooses to volunteer her time with UNOS.

UNOS news, system changes

Policy and programming changes associated with the “clarifications on reporting maintenance dialysis” proposal to be implemented on April 1

The living donor adverse event form within the patient safety portal in UNet will look different. The changes will not affect any historical forms that UNet users may have submitted in the past.

UNOS news, kidney

Kidney Accelerated Placement Project launched in 2019

OPTN launched Kidney Accelerated Placement Project July 18, 2019, to increase organ utilization.

UNOS news, policy changes

OPTN board adopts new policy to improve kidney, pancreas distribution

The new policy establishes new distribution areas based on the donor location and is projected to increase equity in transplant access for candidates regardless of where they live or list for a transplant.

Analyzing data by race and other factors clarifies variations in risk among different groups of living kidney donors

New study reveals variations in risk among living kidney donors

Research shows family patterns affecting risk can predict whether a living donor will develop end-stage renal disease decades after donating a kidney to a related recipient.

UNOS news, kidney/pancreas

Modifications made to kidney and pancreas allocation proposals

OPTN Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Committees make key modifications to proposals to remove DSA and region as distributions units.

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