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Senior UNOS Researchers leading interactive data session at TMF

Senior UNOS Researchers leading interactive data session at TMF

UNOS Principal Data Analyst Sarah Taranto and Manager of Research Science Amber Wilk share tips to maximize data tools

Wish you knew more about the data tools in UNet℠ and the SRTR Secure Site? 

TMF attendees this year will be able to pick up some tips from two senior UNOS researchers who work with transplant data every day.

Principal Data Analyst Sarah Taranto and Amber Wilk, Ph.D., Manager of Research Science are heading up an interactive event at this year’s Transplant Management Forum as part of a joint lunch and learn session with the SRTR’s Jon Snyder, Ph.D.

Snyder, Taranto and Wilk will demonstrate best practices for accessing what’s available through UNet℠  and the SRTR Secure Site. When centers make the most of their reporting tools, they have a better understanding of how to increase transplants at their program.

Among the data tools Taranto and Wilk will discuss are:

Since TMF is heavily attended by transplant administrators, “it’s an opportunity to share and get the word out” says Taranto. “The fun part is that it’s hands on–while Amber’s talking about the Benchmark Report, attendees can bring up their institution’s benchmark report on their laptop.  It’s always more meaningful and more useful to look at your own data as opposed to a blinded report.”

Formerly the Assistant Director of Research, Taranto has been at UNOS for more than 20 years. Her current role as Principal Data Analyst allows her to focus on developing new tools for the community and bringing improvements to the system in order to help save more lives.

“What keeps me here is the mission. I’ve worked in the data request process for the whole time I’ve been here, and occasionally I’m on the phone with a patient or the parent of a patient looking for data, and it makes it all real. That and the people I work with here in research.”

Wilk agrees. She has a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Virginia Commonwealth University and oversees six statisticians and research staff.  “The thing that drove me here and that keeps me here is the collaboration. I really like having people to bounce ideas off of and learn from.”

Taranto and Wilk hope to spark some new ideas at their TMF session–member feedback leads to collaboration, they say. That helps drive development of newer and better tools that can help the entire transplant community.

Tools such as the OUT report and the Kidney Waitlist Management Tool are a direct result of member suggestions and engagement.

Want more information or have an idea for a new tool?

Email [email protected]

The “Interactive Lunch and Learn Opportunity: Your Data at Your Fingertips—how UNOS and SRTR Tools Can Help” will be presented as part of the 27th Annual UNOS Transplant Management Forum in Orlando, May 14-16, 2019.

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