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Quarterly Update of Standardized Benchmark Reports Available

Quarterly Update of Standardized Benchmark Reports Available

Transplant administrators, or anyone from your center with UNet access, may access standard benchmark reports. After logging on to UNet, select Resources from the main navigation bar and choose Data Services from the dropdown items. Then choose My Data Files in the left column.  Available later this month, the most recent quarterly update will include a snapshot of the waiting list at the end of March 31, 2018 and transplant data from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

When we first released the reports last November, we received feedback that the resource didn’t meet the needs of the pediatric community. In response, our latest update includes a pediatric supplement. Based on a transplant program’s number of pediatric candidates or recipients, some of you will notice supplemental pediatric chapters attached to your standard benchmark report. The pediatric report does not include new data. We simply restricted the data from the standard report by age at listing. Age is displayed with more granular pediatric categories. We also updated the labels and removed any adult-specific graphs or tables. Finally, unlike the size comparison group for the standard report, which is broken into four quartiles, the pediatric report consists of two groups, high and low volume.

Having current data delivered regularly will help you understand your patient population, listing practices, and transplant activity and compare it to others in your region and throughout the U.S. Over time, as policies and regulations change, we will update the contents of the report to make sure it provides the most useful information.

We provided this information to many of you previously but in the form of Excel documents, not visual charts that you can easily transfer to PowerPoint presentations or other shared reports. Using private funds, we are able to provide these reports to all transplant centers across the country at no charge.

For a small fee, however, we can create custom reports and have already done so for multiple centers. Depending on your needs, we can create a new comparison group, add your corporate branding colors, include your center’s metrics over a particular time period, add high quality images, and more. We’ll charge you an initial fee to build the custom report and then a maintenance subscription fee for each successive report.

Important: When we made the most recent quarterly update, we replaced the previous reports. However, if you need a particular archived report or want more information about a custom report, please email [email protected] or contact the research department through our existing data request process.

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