Important COVID-19 updates and latest data

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Table showing updates to candidate lab data during 2020 COVID-19

Policy keeps patients safe, protects medical urgency status

Staff and members collaborated to create emergency policy and IT changes to protect patients and keep the system nimble during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNOS news related to COVID-19 and transplantation

Emergency actions help members protect patient safety and access to transplant during COVID-19

Key findings from the June 7 OPTN Executive Committee meeting on actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

potential risks associated with PCR positive and PCR negative donors

COVID-19: What have we learned to prepare for the next wave?

Insights on donor PCR testing from the May 11 third international organ donation and transplant town hall webinar.

Mendez grant will support research by Darren Stewart, Gaurav Gupta, M.D., and Layla Kamal, M.D.

Bridging the gap

Researchers seek to quantify the association between kidney-specific prognostic markers and post-transplant outcomes.

Liver recipient Colleen Reed, Ph.D.

Hear from liver recipient Colleen Reed, Ph.D., about why she chooses to volunteer her time with UNOS.

UNOS news, transplant center

Living donor follow-up tools updated to align with the emergency changes to OPTN policy

The kidney and liver living donor follow-up tools are available for all transplant programs in the visual analytics section of the UNet data services portal.

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