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Michael Ghaffari

Michael Ghaffari

Senior Director, Technology Development

Michael Ghaffari oversees a team of 120 UNOS staff who build, enhance, manage, and test UNetSM — the technology that powers transplant in the U.S. — with input from clients internal to UNOS and OPTN member organizations. Ghaffari is also involved in bringing cutting-edge technology into the world of transplant, planning for future projects that incorporate predictive analytics, machine learning and augmented reality. His goal is to expand a human-centered design approach in delivering agile, modern and secure technology solutions that meet the community where they are while driving to where they want to be.

Ghaffari joined UNOS in 2011 as a software engineer who worked on key initiatives including the Kidney Allocation System and the HOPE Act Pilot. He has filled several management and senior engineering roles, most recently serving as the director of software engineering. He holds a B.S. in computer science from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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