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New speaker series explores latest advances in transplant

New speaker series explores latest advances in transplant

UNOS Luminaries launches Feb. 4 with a panel of leaders in organ donation and transplant who will discuss transformational technology in organ allocation.

United Network for Organ Sharing invites you to join us for a candid, inspiring discussion spotlighting cutting-edge research, trends and advancements within the nation’s transplant system.

UNOS Luminaries is a free educational fundraiser speaker series that raises awareness of organ transplant and important initiatives. The series debuts with “Transformational Tech in Transplant” Feb. 4, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. EST.

Featured speakers

Bruno Mastroianni, chief information officer, Center for Organ Recovery and Education

Bruno Mastroianni, chief information officer at CORE, the organ procurement organization serving western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Benjamin Samstein, M.D., chief of Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian

Benjamin Samstein, M.D., chief of Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian and associate professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University.

Alex Tulchinsky, chief technology officer at UNOS

Alex Tulchinsky, chief technology officer at UNOS, who is charged with leading the transformation of technology platforms that match donated organs with patients nationwide.

Moderator Lisa Schaffner will guide discussion about how tech solutions might influence and improve transplant. The panelists will focus on current research and advancements in technology that have the potential to improve organ transplant. Other highlights include a Story of Hope from a transplant recipient.

Attendees will have an opportunity to submit questions for the panelists following the discussion. The event will be hosted on MobileCause, a platform that provides the opportunity to make a gift in support of UNOS’ vision of saving lives together.

About UNOS Luminaries

UNOS Luminaries brings together the organ donation and transplant community, as well as leaders in technology, research and, science to find innovative ways to continuously improve the system and save more lives. Learn more about the things UNOS is doing to get the right organ to the right patient at the right time to increase transplants.

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