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Metrics measuring the success of the OPTN

Metrics measuring the success of the OPTN

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Explore current and historic U.S. donation and transplant trends.

New data visualization from the UNOS business intelligence team provides a comprehensive source of information about transplant in the U.S.

Updated weekly, new OPTN metrics dashboard provides comprehensive information about donation and transplant trends.

A new interactive data visualization accessible in the Data section of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network website provides a comprehensive source of OPTN information to the donation and transplant community. Professionals, patients and the public can see at a glance the metrics used to measure the success of the nation’s transplant system. “Sharing this kind of data fosters trust in the transplant community and show transparency,” says Read Urban, UNOS senior business intelligence analyst.

What dashboard users can expect

Dashboard users have access to a range of donation and transplant trends, including:

  • Trends related to:
    • Waitlist additions
    • Transplants performed (both living and deceased donors)
    • Donors recovered
  • 1-year patient and graft survival trends
  • Data related to equity in access to transplantation
  • SRTR transplant and waitlist mortality rates

Data can be filtered by OPTN region, organ type and donor type. Trends in waitlist additions, transplantation and donation are updated weekly, with other metrics updated when they become available. Users are also able to see transplants and donors recovered and waitlist registrations by state in the past 12 months (these data are updated monthly).

Users are able to download data from the dashboard, and a user guide provides detailed documentation about all the data presented and how it is organized.

The UNOS business and data products team works to provide a comprehensive source of OPTN information to the community. The goals for this project are to offer the community transparency into the metrics used to measure the success of the OPTN, and also to allow users to investigate current and historic trends in transplantation. Please contact the team directly at [email protected] with any questions or feedback.

The U.S. has the highest-performing organ donation and transplant system in the world, and set a record for the most lives saved by deceased donor organs in 2020. Read more.

OPTN metrics dashboard

View of OPTN metrics dashboard from June 2021

Explore current and historic U.S. donation and transplant trends at national and regional levels.

Data visualizations for:

  • donors
  • transplants
  • patient and graft survival
  • changes across time

The OPTN strategic plan prioritizes increasing the number of transplants and improving transplant recipient outcomes.

View dashboard

Equity in access to transplant dashboard

UNOS researchers discuss how the OPTN tracks equity through Access to Transplant Score.

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7 years of HOPE

7 years of HOPE

Implemented in 2015 , the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act has given more than 350 living with HIV an opportunity to receive a lifesaving transplant from an HIV-positive donor.

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