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COVID-19’s impact on organ donation and transplantation discussed at multi-society webinar

COVID-19’s impact on organ donation and transplantation discussed at multi-society webinar

Organ donation and transplant professionals from around the world convened on March 23 in a town hall webinar aimed at helping health care professionals navigate the ever-evolving COVID-19 health crisis. “Our goal was to share our experiences to date and respond to questions about the impact of COVID-19 on organ donation and transplantation,” said Shandie Covington, Chief Executive Officer of the American Society of Transplantation (AST) who worked with colleagues from nearly a dozen organizations to produce the free live webinar for 1,000 organ donation and transplant professionals across the country.

A recording of “COVID-19: Organ Donation and Transplant Town Hall” is now available online.

Welcome and Introduction – Emily Blumberg (AST)

COVID-19: Presentation, Diagnosis, Testing, Treatment, and Prevention – Moderator: Deepali Kumar (AST)

  • Background/Disease Presentation – Erika Lease (ISHLT)
  • U.S. Cases of COVID+ Organ Transplants – Ajit Limaye
  • Immunosuppression Management in COVID+  – Attilio Iacovoni (ESOT)
  • Treatment – Antivirals and Immunomodulators – Paolo Grossi (ESOT)
  • Prevention Strategies – Marian Michaels (AST)
  • Pediatrics Considerations  –  Lara Danziger-Isakov (ISHLT)

Getting to Transplant: Donor Issues and Candidate Concerns – Moderator: Lloyd Ratner (ASTS)

  • Getting to transplant
    • Diagnosis/Testing Platforms – Mike Ison (TTS)
    • Donor Management Strategies – Ajit Limaye, Kevin O’Connor (AOPO), Kelly Ranum
    • Donor Strategies: Screening and Testing – Kevin O’Connor
    • Procurement Strategies: Safeguards for HCW, OPO, and Recovery Surgeons – Kelly Ranum
  • Candidate Concerns: Managing the Organ Offer – Luciano Potena (ESOT)

Operational Issues (In-House and Managing Patient Concerns) – Moderator: Maryl Johnson (UNOS)

  • Operational Issues
    • Management of the Transplant Program – Atul Humar (CST), Luciano Potena (ESOT)
    • Managing Patient and Family Concerns – Stacee Lerret (NATCO)
    • Practical Approaches to Visits Off Site – Lewis Tepermann (ASTS)

Next steps: Data Collection and Sharing – Moderator: Stuart Sweet (ISHLT)

  • Next steps
    • Data Collection – What Do We Need to Know? – Tim Pruett (ASTS)
    • Clearing Peer Review to Get Information Into Journals Efficiently – Allan Kirk (AJT)

 Resources and Final Thoughts: Emily Blumberg (AST)

  • Available Resources
  • Refreshing resources as new information is established
  • Closing Thoughts

The town hall webinar was a collaborative effort between:

For more information about COVID-19, including advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, and other sources, please visit UNOS’ COVID-19 resources page. The page will be refreshed regularly with the most currently available information.

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