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Fingerprint making heart shape

A lifesaving milestone made possible together. Read a message from our CEO.

UNOS news, system changes

Waitlist enhancements and new kidney features coming

On Sept. 27, UNOS will launch the first in a series of enhancements to the visual design and workflows in Waitlist.

UNOS news for transplant hospitals

UNOS news, education

Playlists added to UNOS Connect

This new enhancement makes keeping up to date on essential education easier than ever.

UNOS news, policy changes

Implementation notice: Two new transplant performance metrics now in effect

Implementation date July 14, 2022 At-a-glance Effective July 14, the OPTN Membership and Professional Standards Committee (MPSC) will consider program performance on two post-transplant metrics: 90-day graft survival hazard ratio: A program’s rate of graft failure from date of transplant to 90 days post-transplant, relative to the expected rate based on transplants with similar recipient […]

UNOS news, policy changes

New exception pathway available for heart device recalls

In order to address patient safety concerns, the OPTN Executive Committee approved a modification of OPTN Policy 6.4: Adult and Pediatric Status Exceptions on July 11 that is now in effect.

UNOS news, policy changes

Emergency action: New exception pathway for heart device recalls

This new policy will allow transplant programs to submit an exception request on behalf of adult heart transplant candidates for a Status 1, 2 or 3 exception without requiring hospitalization if the FDA has recalled their implanted mechanical circulatory support device.

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2021: Record-setting streak continues. See the year-end data highlights.

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