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Introducing UNet℠ Image Sharing

Introducing UNet℠ Image Sharing

UNOS service owner Randall Fenderson

In the spring, United Network for Organ Sharing will begin a phased release of UNet Image Sharing to organ procurement organizations across the country. The first national hub for securely sharing high-quality medical imaging studies will subsequently be made available to ten OPOs each quarter through the summer of 2021.

“UNet Image Sharing will make the organ allocation process more secure and more convenient for members,” said service owner Randall Fenderson, who has been leading the application development process and piloting the new service with members for the past two years. “When the application is fully implemented, all OPO and transplant hospital professionals will have a consistent viewer through which to access high-quality medical imaging studies, thus providing users across the country with equitable access to the technology.”

Recently, Fenderson answered a few questions about the upgrades to UNet Image Sharing and provided a glimpse of what to expect in the spring.

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