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Efficient organ allocation

Efficient organ allocation

Walter Herczyk, Gift of Life Michigan director of laboratory services

Information technology professionals at United Network for Organ Sharing work with organ allocation and transplant community members around the country to develop the technological platforms that match organs and save lives every day.

“Within the last two years I’ve seen the UNOS team at work on electronic notification algorithms, APIs to help with seamless data exchange for image sharingorgan offer filters and mobile applications, to name a few,” said Walter Herczyk, who is the director of laboratory services at Gift of Life Michigan — Michigan’s only federally designated organ and tissue recovery program. “All of this work helps to improve and make organ allocation as efficient of a process as possible,” he said.

Read more from Herczyk about how he has seen UNOS’ IT departments evolve over the years to improve the technology development process and deliver innovative solutions to the organ donation and transplant community.

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