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UNOS researchers present studies at 2023 American Transplant Congress

UNOS researchers present studies at 2023 American Transplant Congress

As the joint annual meeting of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, the American Transplant Congress serves as a forum for researchers to discuss the latest lifesaving breakthroughs in organ donation and transplant science. Transplant professionals from around the globe participate in the congress to learn about cutting-edge organ and tissue transplant research; contributions from UNOS researchers play a key role in how the community evaluates system impacts of various policy and operational changes

Twenty-three United Network for Organ Sharing staff members presented research from 41 studies at the 2023 American Transplant Congress, held June 3-7 in San Diego. Their work addressed topics including social determinants of health, offer-acceptance practices, and the impacts of allocation-policy changes. Three of the presentations were awarded recognition as “posters of distinction.”

Abstracts from the conference are available in downloadable PDF from the conference website.

Researchers presenting at the conference

  • Alice Toll, biostatistician
  • Alina Martinez, associate biostatistician
  • Anne Zehner, epidemiologist
  • Carlos Martinez, data scientist
  • Erin Schnellinger, biostatistician
  • Jennifer Wainwright, senior research scientist
  • Jesse Howell, research analyst
  • Julia Foutz, manager, Research Science
  • Katrina Gauntt, associate biostatistician
  • Keighly Bradbrook, biostatistician
  • Kelsi Lindblad, biostatistician
  • Laura Cartwright, Director of Research
  • Morgan Stuart, senior data scientist
  • Rae Shean, associate data scientist
  • Rebecca Goff, manager, Research Science
  • Samantha Noreen, senior biostatistician
  • Samantha Weiss, associate biostatistician
  • Sarah Booker, research scientist
  • Shaina Kian, associate biostatistician
  • Srdjan Lesaja, manager, Data Science
  • Tatenda Mupfudze, senior research scientist
  • Thomas Dolan, associate biostatistician
  • Widah Cherikh, manager & principal biostatistician

Research in focus

Three studies examine offer acceptance practices and the impact of the Offer Filters tool

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