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UNOS Mini-Primers offer members detailed, intensive learning

UNOS Mini-Primers offer members detailed, intensive learning

For several years, UNOS offered a “UNOS Primer” at its headquarters in Richmond, Va. The Primer provided OPO and transplant center professionals with a variety of detailed, often hands-on presentations about data applications and OPTN functions such as policy development and site surveys.

While the Primer was a highly valued offering, its design didn’t always prove helpful to members. It was scheduled at set intervals of the year, and attendance ranged as high as 150 per event. This meant that some potential attendees might not be able to register for the date of their choice, and participants had more limited chances to get individualized instruction and interaction. In addition, the member might not have been able to have multiple staff attend, based on their institutional coverage needs.

UNOS now offers the same learning opportunity in a smaller, individualized setting known as a “Mini-Primer.” Member institutions can schedule sessions at their convenience and request presentations most pertinent to their work responsibilities of the staff who will attend.

UNOS has hosted two Mini-Primers thus far, in November and December 2016. Both were requested by LifeGift, the OPO headquartered in Houston. Each session was attended by eight participants, and the presentations were tailored to the duties and informational needs of each group. Attendees rated the experience highly positively.

“We requested the training for two of our emerging clinical leader groups, to help them further their learning about the critical components of patient safety and policy compliance from the experts,” said Kevin Myer, MSHA, LifeGift’s president and CEO. “The on-site visit also gave our staff a chance to see the Organ Center and National Donor Memorial, and meet many of the staff of UNOS who we all depend on 24 hours a day to help us serve our mission. We felt it was worth the investment to ask for our own program, and UNOS responded wonderfully with a customized program that focused on our specific training needs.”

To request a Mini-Primer or learn more about the offerings, contact [email protected] or Holly Byrd Miller at 804-782-4072.

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