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UNOS launches national organ tracking service for OPOs and transplant centers

UNOS launches national organ tracking service for OPOs and transplant centers

Organ procurement organizations (OPOs) and transplant centers across the country now have the ability to track organs in transit and ensure they arrive safely at their destination.

Influenced and tested by OPOs and developed by UNOS, the UNOS Organ Tracking Service uses GEGO global tracking devices attached to organ packages to provide real time automated notifications and a live tracking map.

Organ procurement and transplant hospital staff can now know:

  • When an organ is in transit.
  • When an organ arrives at any airport.
  • If a flight has taken off and an organ is still at the airport.
  • When an organ has arrived at the intended destination.

“The transplant system handles the most precious gift, the gift of life,” said UNOS Labs Program Manager Casey Humphries. “Our solution provides peace of mind to OPOs and transplant programs, assuring that organs are moving safely and reliably to patients waiting to receive them. Patients and donor families can feel confident that these gifts can be tracked every step of the journey.”

Developed, tested and improved in a multi-year process, the UNOS Organ Tracking Service incorporates feedback from dozens of end-users, aligning functionality with solutions needed in organ transportation. The service integrates with systems and workflows already in use by OPOs and transplant centers, including FlightAware, TransNetSM and DonorNet MobileSM.

Learn more about how the UNOS Organ Tracking Service provides peace of mind for organ donor families and the entire donation and transplant community.

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