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UNet University e-learning modules now available

UNet University e-learning modules now available

Hear what transplant coordinators have to say about the new UNet University learning module.

UNet University is now available free through UNOS Connect. Orient new OPO and transplant center staff to UNet and refresh the skills of existing staff with our six online learning modules.

The modules are:

  1. Secure Enterprise
  2. WaitlistSM
  3. DonorNet® for OPOs
  4. DonorNet® for TXCs
  5. TIEDI®
  6. Kidney Paired DonationSM

Each section is designed so you can learn at your own pace. If you get interrupted, you can start again later where you left off. We offer a suggested path for you to follow, but you can customize the modules, depending on what you or your organization needs. Learn more about what the training specifically offers in our comprehensive curriculum guide.

The curriculum also offers an optional Learning Contract which allows professionals to take responsibility for their own learning. Managers will need to help employees apply their new knowledge after they complete the training. This contract documents the employee’s commitment along with the manager’s agreement to support their employee’s performance development.

You’ll find practical exercises, policy explanations and an overview of additional resources, such as the help documentation in UNet. The curriculum also includes a community discussion board that gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas with and learn from other UNet University students. And you’ll earn Category 1 Continuing Education Points for Transplant Certification (CEPTC) for each module.

Who is the audience?

We designed UNet University for new transplant professionals, but even those of you already familiar with UNet can benefit. Completing the modules will help staff effectively use the systems and submit more accurate data.

You’ll learn to:

  • Navigate UNet applications
  • Identify the relationship between policy and the UNet system
  • Explain the interrelated nature of UNet applications

How to access UNOS Connect:

Transplant professionals with access to UNet, can access UNOS Connect easily by clicking the Resources tab on the UNet home page. This handy visual will show you how the UNOS Connect menu has changed and where you can find the UNet University modules.

Originally published July 1, 2019

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