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Transplant coordinator learning series

Transplant coordinator learning series

Transplant clinical coordinators have access to a new educational resource. Developed by UNOS and the OPTN Transplant Coordinators Committee (TCC), the series provides training resources for new coordinators as well as solutions for challenges faced by the entire transplant community.

This series and other professional educational offerings are available on UNOS Connect, UNOS’ one-stop shop for all educational resources. From the main menu, select Learning Series then Transplant Coordinators Committee.

Coming soon:

PHS Increased Risk – Available April 2018

Topics available now:

Leveraging UNet Reports

Learn what reports are available in UNet, how to cross reference them, how to use them to address common challenges, and how to make data-driven decisions to optimize patient care and improve waitlist management.

Improving coordinator retention for both OPOs and transplant hospitals

Two committee members discuss the challenges of keeping talent as well as strategies to reduce turnover.

Role of a transplant coordinator

Jamie Bucio, a thoracic coordinator at the University of Chicago Medical Center, talks about the responsibilities of both a transplant and OPO coordinator and shares her best practices.

Managing the waitlist

Sharon Klarman from Yale New Haven Transplantation Center outlines the increasing challenges facing transplant programs and shares effective practices to overcome them. (only available to UNetSM users)

Managing the inactive waitlist

The second installment in Managing the waitlist focuses specifically on inactive patients. (only available to UNetSM users)

Coordinating Organ Offers

An overview of making and taking organ offers. Covers organ allocation from match run, to organ offer, evaluation, and eventual offer response. (only available to UNetSM users)

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