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RUM report tool expanded to include pancreas data

RUM report tool expanded to include pancreas data

Recent enhancements to the Recovery and Utilization Map, or RUM, expand the tool to include data on pancreas donors and transplants. The addition of pancreas data was based on community needs and feedback; the functionality, look, and feel of the report stay the same. UNOS has previously expanded the tool to include liver, heart and lung data.

The RUM is one of the many tools available through the Data Services Portal in UNetSM. Anyone from an organ procurement organization or transplant center with proper UNet permissions can find it under UNet Resources > My Data Services > My Visual Analytics.

Built with Tableau Software, the RUM report allows members to view and interact with data in an easily digestible visual format, based on a combination of selected donor characteristics. Read an earlier UNOS article for more detail about what the report can do and how it can help you.

Additionally, a series of webinars on UNOS Connect will walk you through how to use this and other tools available in UNet. Once logged onto UNOS Connect, choose Data Services Portal from the Learning Series Catalog.

UNOS researchers continue to develop new tools to assist members in their work to increase transplants. Member feedback helps shape every quality improvement reporting tool. Read an interview with UNOS research scientist Read Urban to learn more about how UNOS works with organ procurement organizations and transplant centers to deliver new data insights to the community.

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