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Resources related to geographic distribution discussion

Resources related to geographic distribution discussion

At its June 11-12 meeting, the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors approved a statement of principles to guide future policy relating to organ distribution.

These principles were recommended by the Ad Hoc Geography Committee, which the Board formed in December 2017 to accomplish three things:

  • Establish defined guiding principles for the use of geographic constraints in organ allocation
  • Review and recommend frameworks/models for incorporating geographic principles into allocation policies
  • Identify uniform concepts for organ specific allocation policies in light of the requirements of the OPTN Final Rule

The recommended frameworks will be available for public comment in August.

The following resources will help inform you about the geographic distribution discussion and actions. We will continue to provide resources and update the transplant community with the latest information on a regular basis.

Current resources include:

Look for additional updates on this initiative through additional periodic e-mails and the Transplant Pro e-newsletter.

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