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Data submission policy tools and educational offering updated to include TRF and LDF forms as of Feb. 15

Data submission policy tools and educational offering updated to include TRF and LDF forms as of Feb. 15


  • TIEDI® data entry roles at transplant programs, program directors/administrators, quality managers, transplant/donation coordinators, and data coordinators.
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The data submission policy tools and corresponding educational offering are updated to include Transplant Recipient Follow-up (TRF) and Living Donor Follow-up (LDF) forms as of Feb. 15 in the UNetSM Data Services Portal and in UNOS Connect.

Transplant centers can now access data about TRF and LDF forms in the data tools available to assist them in managing and monitoring the quality of their OPTN data submitted in TIEDI.  They include two different reports:

 Data Lock Preview Reports

  • Spreadsheets designed to identify unknown, missing, and other values outside of expected range for all data elements on the included TIEDI forms. There is one row per data element identified as a possible issue.
  • Spreadsheets are updated weekly and review all data elements on those forms, not just those included in the SRTR reports.

 Data Lock Dashboard

  • A Tableau dashboard that allows administrators and quality managers to see the frequency of data elements flagged at their institution compared to the U.S. along with trends over the past 12 months.
  • Once the data lock policy is implemented in TIEDI, this dashboard will also include data on the number of times forms at their institution are unlocked and the reasons for making a data change.

When released in September, the tools included TCR, TRR, LDR, DDR, DHS, and RHS forms in TIEDI.  TRF and LDF forms are now also available.

About the data submission policy tools

These tools were developed to assist transplant centers, OPOs, and histocompatibility laboratories with meeting new requirements under the revisions to OPTN Policy 18: Data Submission Requirements, which includes a data lock provision to make any changes to any of the eight TIEDI forms. The policy changes were enacted to improve the quality and timeliness of OPTN data. These changes will be implemented once the TRF/LDF amnesty policy has expired.

Once the changes to policy are implemented, data in the forms will be locked upon the data submission deadline. The deadlines for form submission are being extended by 30 or 60 days, depending on the form. Forms can be unlocked if absolutely necessary, the requirements of which will be covered in a future training. It is important to note, however, that all data entry after the submission deadline will be manual and members will not be able to upload from medical records. The new data tools provide an easy way to review data for accuracy so members can correct forms before final submission.

 Education and Resources

To assist members in using these tools and managing accurate TIEDI form data submission, UNOS has developed educational materials, available through UNOS Connect, that provide an introduction to these new tools available in the UNet data services portal.

In addition to these educational materials, a learning plan resource for managers is also available. This resource can help employees ensure transfer of learning for the new tools and upcoming courses on TIEDI data submissions.

 What you need to do

You can access the tools in the UNet Data Services Portal.  The Data Lock Preview reports are currently available in the Data Quality section and the dashboard is found in the visual analytics section. You can search “lock” in the data section to find these new reports.

For the educational offering, access UNOS Connect through the resources tab on the Secure Enterprise (UNet) homepage.

Search by course number:

  • SYS158
  • Or by course title “Tools for Managing Data Submissions.”

Future offerings on unlocking forms and on TIEDI forms in general will be available closer to the policy implementation date.

 Helpful resources

OPTN Policy 18: Data Submission Requirements

Modifying data submissions: A Q&A with Kristine Browning and Heather Hickland


Email [email protected] for questions about the education materials or UNOS Connect.

Email [email protected] for questions about the tools and the Data Portal.

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