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COVID-19 update: Sept. 17, 2020

COVID-19 update: Sept. 17, 2020

Reminder about donor data collection for COVID-19 testing

As of April 21, data collection elements have been added to DonorNet® to capture information regarding donor COVID-19 testing under the “Infectious Diseases” tab. OPOs can record whether testing was performed on the donor, and have the ability to report more than one test result. Read more about COVID-19 donor testing data collection.

Reminder about COVID-19 policy and data actions

Policy and data actions taken to address OPTN operational issues in the COVID-19 crisis remain in effect through Dec. 31, and include:

  • Updates to candidate data during 2020 COVID-19 emergency
  • Applications for modifications of kidney waiting time
  • Data submission requirements
  • Timely collection of data
  • Reporting requirements after living kidney donation
  • Reporting requirements after living liver donation

Read more here.

What’s happening in public comment?

Take a look at several ideas emerging from discussions taking place across the country on some of our summer 2020 proposals. View the full list of proposals and submit your feedback.


  • SRTR COVID-19 evaluation app now live The first version of the COVID-19 evaluation application is now live on the SRTR public website. The application presents the differences in waitlist outcomes, offer acceptance, post-transplant graft survival, and donor utilization before and after the emergence of COVID-19. The evaluation includes a wide range of descriptive statistics and adjusted analyses, including the effect of COVID-19 on patient subgroups (e.g., candidate age). This app will have periodic updates. If you have questions about the current version of the app, please contact SRTR.
  • Current state of organ donation and transplantation: Latest data The waitlist snapshot is updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Transplants by week and deceased donors recovered by week are updated every Monday. Check the data visualization tool on the UNOS COVID-19 resources page for more information.
  • Back-to-school information for transplant families The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society has posted a fact sheet for parents of transplant recipients returning to school this fall. Access it from the COVID-19 resources page on Transplant Living.
  • Answers to patient questions about COVID-19 Navigating the coronavirus pandemic is difficult for everyone, but brings special challenges for transplant patients. UNOS Chief Medical Officer David Klassen, M.D., answers questions for patients about COVID-19 and the waitlist, inactivation, donor testing and other important topics.


  • Register now for summer 2020 virtual regional meetings.
  • OPTN committee meetings will be held virtually through Oct. 31. A list of all scheduled meetings will be updated on the calendar of events on the OPTN website to reflect this change. For questions and requests, please email [email protected].
  • Site surveys will be held virtually through Oct. 31. Please email [email protected] with any questions about virtual site surveys or monitoring during COVID-19.

For COVID-19 related policy and operational questions, contact [email protected].

Stay current

We will continue to update the UNOS COVID-19 resources page as guidance is developed and enhanced.

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