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Voluntary recall of Cardinal Health brand sterile conventional syringes and needles

Voluntary recall of Cardinal Health brand sterile conventional syringes and needles

International Medsurg Connection (IMC), a wholesale medical supply distributor, has voluntarily recalled its sterile conventional syringes and needles in Cardinal Health private label packaging. Your organization might have received notice from Cardinal Health about this recall.

They are voluntarily recalling the products because they are not able to produce documentation that assures product sterility. The recall notice cites no reports of deaths or injuries associated with this particular product and no complaint or an indication that the product has failed.

Affected Product Codes and Lot Numbers

Cardinal Health Catalog Items:

  • 46227 – Syringe, Bulb, 60cc
  • N360xxxx – Needle product line
  • SNOxxxx – Syringe with needle combination product line
  • SY350xxxx – Syringe product line

Impacted lot number ranges

YY-NNNN-R (YY = 2 digit year; NNNN = 4 digit lot number; R = release)

Starting lot number = 12-6780-1

Ending lot number = 17-1791-1

What you need to do:

  1. Inspect your inventory for any of the above product codes and lot numbers
  2. Segregate and quarantine any affected products
  3. Notify any cutomers that you may have distributed or forwarded this product to.
  4. Contact the appropriate customer service group below to arrange for return and credit of any affected product:
  • Hospital – 800-964-5227
  • Federal Government – 800-444-1166
  • Distributor – 800-635-6021
  • All other customers – 888-444-5440

Contact Medsurg Connection’s Quality Department for any other questions or concerns:

e-mail: [email protected]

telephone: 847-619-9926 (Monday – Friday, 9a.m. – 4p.m. CT)

fax: 847-619-9927

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