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Upcoming pediatric transplant program component requirements

Upcoming pediatric transplant program component requirements

In December 2015, the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors approved new requirements in the OPTN bylaws to establish a pediatric transplant program component for any program opting to list candidates younger than age 18. The approved bylaws include training and experience requirements for primary surgeons and physicians associated with the pediatric component.

While a formal implementation date for these requirements has not yet been established, transplant programs should become familiar with them in case surgeons and/or physicians may need additional training or experience in the interim to meet the new requirements. The criteria are specified in a policy notice on the OPTN site (beginning on page 163 of the document.)

On February 16, you’ll be able to access an educational offering in UNOS Connect that will help familiarize you with the new pediatric training and experience requirements.

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