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Upcoming changes to histocompatibility and CPRA display in UNet

Upcoming changes to histocompatibility and CPRA display in UNet


All UNetSM users, particularly staff who view, edit or change human leukocyte antigens, or HLA

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Implementation Date:

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network policy on addressing HLA typing errors will take effect on Feb. 27.

At a glance:

Effective Feb. 27, UNet users who enter HLA typing manually into any UNet system (including WaitlistSM, DonorNet®, KPDSM and TIEDI®) will be required to double enter HLA typing for verification of data entry.

The display of calculated panel reactive antibodies, or CPRA, will be updated to show additional precision.

What you should know about the Addressing HLA Typing Errors project:

Waitlist, DonorNet, KPD and TIEDI

Manual changes to a candidate or donor’s HLA typing test results will require double entry from the same user for HLA typing verification. Initial entries and verification entries must match in order for HLA typing to be updated. Double entry will not be required for HLA typing test results uploaded into UNet.

Waitlist, DonorNet and KPD

A new HLA typing audit log will be introduced allowing UNet users to view changes to HLA typing for a candidate or donor.

DonorNet for host organ procurement organizations

All changes to a local deceased donor’s HLA typing test results must be made on the “Crossmatch & HLA” tab. HLA typing results can no longer be changed on the donor’s match run page.

Test donors are not impacted by any efforts of this project.

What you should know about the display of CPRA:

Waitlist, KPD, and OPTN website

The “detailed CPRA value” will display as a value less than or equal to one, rounded to six decimal places. The “CPRA value used for allocation, per OPTN policy” will display as a whole number percent.


The CPRA calculator will only display for kidney, pancreas, and kidney-pancreas registrations.



If you have questions, please contact UNOS Customer Service at 800-978-4334 or email [email protected].

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