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UNOS researchers present studies at 2021 American Transplant Congress

UNOS researchers present studies at 2021 American Transplant Congress

29 United Network for Organ Sharing staff members authored or co-authored studies to present at the 2021 American Transplant Congress, which is the joint annual meeting of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

Transplant professionals from around the globe participate in the event every year to hear about cutting edge organ and tissue transplant research. This year’s ATC was held virtually June 4-9.

The work presented by UNOS researchers this year addressed a broad spectrum of transplant-related issues, ranging from improving equity in access, the impact of COVID-19 on donation and transplant, and analyses regarding the impact of policy.

UNOS researchers authoring or contributing to the studies include:

  • Sarah Booker, MPH, research analyst
  • Keighly Bradbrook, Ph.D., research scientist
  • Matt Cafarella, MPH, policy analyst
  • Bob Carrico, Ph.D., director of research
  • Laura Cartwright, MPH, Ph.D., manager, research science
  • Julia Foutz, MPH, research scientist
  • Katrina Gauntt, M.S., research analyst
  • Rebecca Goff, Ph.D., manager, research scientist
  • Alesha Henderson, Ph.D., research scientist
  • Courtney Jett, associate policy analyst
  • David Klassen, M.D., chief medical officer
  • Ruthanne Leishman, RN, MPH, kidney paired donation program manager
  • Kelsi Lindblad, Ph.D., research analyst
  • Carlos Martinez, M.S., data scientist
  • Harrison McGehee, business intelligence platform architect
  • Rob McTier, business architect
  • Jennifer Musick, manager of operations, UNOS Organ Center
  • Samantha Noreen, Ph.D., research scientist
  • Megan Oley, senior operations coordinator, UNOS Organ Center
  • Andrew Placona, MSPPM, manager, data science
  • Amanda Robinson, M.S., research scientist
  • Darren Stewart, M.S., principal research scientist
  • Morgan Stuart, M.S., data scientist
  • Kaitlin Swanner, policy analyst
  • Sarah Taranto, transplant analytics line leader, UNOS Solutions
  • Alice Toll, M.S., research analyst
  • Jennifer Wainright, Ph.D., senior research scientist
  • Joann White, MPH, policy analyst
  • Amber Wilk, Ph.D., assistant director of research

NOTE: Some of these studies were supported wholly or in part by Health Resources and Services Administration contract HHSH250-2019-00001C. However, the content is the responsibility of the authors alone and does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department of Health and Human Services, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. government. 

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