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UNet℠ API now available for Waitlist℠ organ acceptance data

UNet℠ API now available for Waitlist℠ organ acceptance data


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Implementation date:

July 16, 2021


UNOS has released a new API feature to assist transplant hospitals with pre-transplant verification processes that occur after an organ acceptance has been recorded on the match run. This new API feature allows the retrieval of organ offer acceptance information for a given Waitlist candidate; including the donor ID, organ type and laterality, and other match related data.


Transplant hospitals complete a number of critical pre-transplant verification processes, and previously these processes relied on manual data entry. With the release of this new API feature, transplant hospitals and their electronic health record systems will now be able to retrieve the necessary data electronically. This new API feature is the first API feature released in a series of planned API features for 2021 focused on the pre-transplant check in and verification processes.

Additional details

More information and developer documentation can be found in the UNOS API Developer Portal.


For help with questions, or to provide feedback about UNetSM APIs, please contact [email protected]. For general support, please contact UNOS Customer Service at [email protected] or 800-978-4334.

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