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Transforming policy into algorithms

Transforming policy into algorithms

United Network for Organ Sharing Chief Technology Officer Alex Tulchinsky sets the strategy and leads the evolution of the technology platforms that match donated organs with patients nationwide. In a recent Voices in Transplant blog post, he discusses the technological solutions that his team works with the transplant professional community to build and maintain. “The technologies we build are varied and the best part is that we don’t build them in silos,” Tulchinsky says. “We build it by including the community. They are the ones who are influencing how we build our platforms so that they can do their job more effectively.”

    “UNOS is a very different and much more progressive organization than it was even just five years ago. They have made amazing progress balancing so many competing interests, and helping transplant more people than ever before.”

    Kevin Myer

    President and CEO, LifeGift

    Voices in Transplant

    Read more about how UNOS members, staff and volunteers are improving technology to increase organ donation and transplantation nationwide.

    Originally published Nov. 27, 2019.

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