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Transplant program TIEDI® data submission overview visualization updated

Transplant program TIEDI® data submission overview visualization updated


  • TIEDI® data entry roles at transplant programs, program directors/administrators, quality managers, transplant/donation coordinators, and data coordinators.
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On the overview tab of the UNet℠ data services portal for transplant programs, the section Forms Submitted by OPTN Expected Date for the Past 12 Months has been updated.

As of March 2, 2021, the report includes all transplant recipient follow-up (TRF) and living donor follow-up (LDF) forms in all statuses. Additionally, the visualization has a new graph and layout to show form completion status over time.

What you should know

Between March 2020 and February 2021, this overview visualization excluded any forms that were ever in amnesty status.

To align this visualization with the other reports available on the data portal, the status groups and layout have changed. The previous bar graph, named “completed by OPTN expected date”, has been replaced with a view of form submission by completion status over time. The old bar chart has been moved to the left side of the view, and it now functions as a filter for the graph of data over time.

For a detailed list of the forms in each status group, please navigate to the Data Submission Report in the Data Files section of the data services portal. The All Forms tab of this file shows each form due and the status of the form.

Both reports are updated weekly.


Email [email protected] for questions about this report and the data services portal.

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