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Three new VCA programs replace GU program

Three new VCA programs replace GU program

Implementation date: Dec. 5, 2023

At-a-glance statement

Three new programs have replaced the Vascularized Composite Allograft (VCA) – genitourinary organ (GU) program:

  1. VCA – external male genitalia (EM)
  2. VCA – other genitourinary organ (OG)
  3. VCA – uterus (UT), including a new living donor component

Additional information

  • Per OPTN Membership bylaw requirement changes, all GU programs have been withdrawn voluntarily while EM, OG, and UT programs are now approved
  • Important: Transplant hospital users and site administrators should pay special attention to the “What you need to do” section below for critical information

What you need to do

Transplant hospitals

Site Security Administrators should review information from the pre-implementation notice to ensure their program is prepared for UNet.

Please be sure to access UNet immediately upon implementation:

  • Upon implementation, each EM, OG, and UT program will be set as “inactive” within Waitlist Listing Defaults. Programs need to set the WaitlistSM Listing Defaults for each program. Doing so will ensure better monitoring and compliance of your waiting list. Listing Defaults is utilized for indicating 24-hour contact phone number, program status, and defaulted donor acceptance criteria. Registrations for transplant hospital programs marked as Inactive within Listing Defaults are excluded from match runs
  • Designate an on-call contact for each approved EM, OG, and UT program within Contact Management in DonorNet®. This contact will receive the VCA organ offers

Education and resources

Read more about the VCA program changes in the following board approved policy project: Establish Membership Requirements for Uterus Transplant Programs.

Log into UNOS Connect and search for the following tools:

  • UNet University Playlist: UNet University features six e-learning modules that are designed to familiarize you to the UNet system at an introductory level
  • VCA Allocation in UNet: This course outlines the process and policy requirements involved with VCA allocation and data reporting in UNet


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